Our Team

Learn more about the members of our team here.


A’Lester Allen – My name is A’Lester Allen, and I am finishing a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Linguistics this upcoming school year. I chose to enter into Bay Area Urban Project this summer because at InterVarsity’s Urban Dip, I felt God was calling me to really invest in seeking His kingdom. I chose to follow by engaging with city of Oakland. I am excited to see where God is present in Oakland and for in my life.


Nathan Barnett is a senior at Stanford University majoring in Bioengineering.  Over the past year, God has been growing Nathan’s heart with a desire to understand what life is like for the homeless and downtrodden within the United States.  He is really hoping to discover God’s role in the inner city, and prepare himself for a life that honors God’s commitment to those who are forgotten by society.


Sarah DiRado – I’m going to be a junior next year. I’m an English major with an Education minor. This summer I’m working with Oakland Based Urban Gardens and I’m really excited to adopt Oakland as my home away from home for these next six weeks – from its beautiful downtown area to the economic disparities we’ve already seen a few blocks away on International Blvd. Fun fact about me – I am going to study abroad in Spain in the fall and I am reading Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte para preparar! Vamos a la fiesta!

Rob Johnson is going to be a junior at Stanford University next year.  A San Jose native, Rob enjoys music, hiking, and long walks on the beach.  This summer he will be working with Cityteam Ministries. Rob is looking forward to building relationships with the local homeless and to seeing how God is at work in the city of Oakland.



Chris O’Brien – Chris O’Brien will be a senior at Stanford next year, majoring in Physics with a minor in Religious Studies. He is looking forward to BAyUP because it will allow him to expand his understanding of the systematic injustices in Oakland and in American society. He is also excited to better comprehend God’s heart for social justice and to increase his own passion for loving the marginalized of society.


Mike Wei – Mike Wei has just graduated from Stanford University. He has been drawn to BAyUP as he sees this as part of the puzzle for his journey towards becoming a doctor who sets up a free clinic for the underserved. He is from Taiwan and enjoys music and awesome food like pearl milk tea.




Adrian & Seisha Lock  have been married for 3 years and are super excited about leading a team at BAYUP this year. Adrian is on staff with Intervarsity at Stanford and Seisha is a personal fitness trainer. Although they both graduated from USC, they tolerate the Stanford students. They are totally excited for God to transform them and the lives of these students.

  1. Chris Rogers says:

    haha Age. what a great team 😀
    God’s blessings, friends.

  2. Gerald says:


    ❤ Davis Teammmmmmm hehehehehehehe

    • Sue Johnson says:

      Glad you are doing well and serving God in Oakland! Several friends said they spotted you in a feature on Cityteam at noon and 5 pm on KTVU news on June 28th.

  3. Daiquan Jr. says:

    Chris O’Brien is my TEACHER!!!!!!!!!

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