We made it to Oakland!

Posted: June 24, 2011 by stanford bayup team in Uncategorized

After an intense week in Tahoe at Stanford’s end of the year conference, we basically jumped straight into orientation for BAyUP. Some of us didn’t even do any laundry in between and have been reusing camp clothes. *cough*chrisnathanandsarah*cough* But despite being in desperate need of some showers, we were all pretty pumped for the next six weeks together. We all came in fresh off of seeing God move powerfully in us and through us at Summer Conference and we were ready for anything.

BAYUP 2011 Participants from Cal, Chico St, Stanford, and UC Davis

So we arrived earlier this week and have been getting a crash course on the city of Oakland ever since. Alongside the other BAyUP teams (from Cal, UC Davis, and Chico St.), God has been speaking to us all about his heart for different people and parts of the city. We’ve begun to explore issues of homelessness, immigration, and sex-trafficking. Through scripture, experiential learning exercises, and exploration we have started to engage with the city through the lens of some of these people. God has forced us to engage with issues of justice on a deeper level than ever before. He has been breaking our heart for what breaks his.

We’ll share more after orientation is over, but it has been intense! In all honesty, we have been overwhelmed and exhausted at times, but each day the Lord has given us what we needed to continue engaging.

Pray for continued energy and excitement. Pray for open hearts to what God has for us. And pray that we can be regularly reminded of God’s love for us and his love for the city of Oakland.

  1. Peggy Dyslin says:

    Thank you for including me and know that I will be praying for you. This is such an opportunity to understand life from a very different perspective. Sarah, I’m really interested in hearing about your experience when you are back. I would love to learn from you and think it’s SO cool that this is how you choose to spend your summer. God will do great things in and through each of you.

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